Amelia or Amy, but preferably Amelia

. One of the things I liked was I could go by Amy for short, if I wanted. When I came out to people I’d always say “Amelia, or Amy for short.” Some people would ask me if I preferred one or the other—actually, most of my coworkers asked me this. I appreciated it because it seemed like they cared about me enough to make sure they called me what I wanted. [Read More]

How I chose the name Amelia

This post is by request, but it’s a question I’ve answered a lot and also something I often find myself sharing with trans women who are still searching for their name. And since at some point today, I will _legally_ become Amelia June, I thought today would be the perfect day for it! Most people are given a name at birth and that’s kind of the end of that story. [Read More]