Cranford Jaycees Firecracker 4 Miler 2011 – 32:49

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Yesterday was the annual Firecracker 4 miler in Cranford which my fiancée and I run each year. It’s a fun race, but being that it’s on the 4th of July, it can be very hot and humid. Luckily, yesterday wasn’t too bad. I enjoy the course quite a bit and there are generally plenty of people sitting on the side the road spraying you down with a hose to keep you nice and cool. Very appreciated. The race is also pretty well organized and you get a pint glass along with your t-shirt. Good stuff.

Yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the first race my fiancée ever ran. However, in those two years, we’ve never once actually run together for a race, so I decided we should give it a shot (there was some prompting from her for this). It was fun running a race with her and she kept a good pace too, I was impressed. She ended up with a new PR for 4 miles at 32:49. As we approached the finish line we held hands and I stopped just before line and let her go across first.

Generally, I try to give it everything I have when I run a race and shoot for a new PR each time, but with the ankle _still_ not fully healed, it seemed like a good idea to take it easier and not shoot for anything crazy. I would like to run a 4 mile race again soon though for a PR, I think I can do close to 26 minutes. Which is crazy because my time for the Firecracker last year was only 1:06 faster than yesterday was. This says a lot about how far we’ve both come in the last year. She took almost two minutes off her time and I’m now looking at running 5-mile and under races at close to 6:30 minute/mile. Crazy.

This race also kicks off the official start of our marathon training. Exciting.