2012 Beerfest 5k – 22:55 (pre-HRT)

#5k  #pre-HRT running 

Okay, so this race happened a week ago, but I forgot to post about it, so here goes!

The Beerfest 5k in Rahway is a fun little event that my wife and I took part in for the first time this year. There are race bibs and a race clock, but no official results or timing chips. It’s really just for fun. And at the end, there’s all the beer you want! I actually had a pint of Yuengling before the race even started! It was delicious.

Since this was just three weeks after the Chicago Marathon and I’ve been struggling to bounce back from the destruction I inflicted upon my body, I had no plans to run this race hard. The wife, however, was looking to run a new PR…even if it was technically not “official.” I figured I could put myself to use by running with her and keeping her on target.

Since it was a very small race and really just for fun, we figured we’d start out right in the front without getting in anyone’s way. However, there was a flip side to that, my wife has never really started a race in the front of the pack so she was easily swept up in the start of the race energy. We ended up running something like a 6:45 first mile which felt great for me, but was a bit too fast for her. After that mile, we took it back down to something more manageable and she was able to snatch a shiny new PR of 22:55. Congrats to her!