Pretty rad email I received from a friend today

#my life  #transgender  #transition 

A friend of mine is putting together a big 30th birthday celebration for himself in October of this year. He’s getting a party bus to go down to Atlantic City and planning a pretty solid bash to ring in the next decade of his life.

I responded to the invite by asking him how he thinks his friends would handle me going. At this point, I’ve met them all a ton of times at parties and such, but they currently only know me as and have no idea I’m transitioning (mutual friends excluded from all of this, they all know and support me). However, by the time October rolls around, I don’t expect to be able to easily hide being trans, it’ll be six months on HRT by then. In fact, ideally for me, I’d be going as Amelia and be in total “me” mode. Ideally, that is.

I asked if he thought his friends would be okay with spending the night with an obviously trans person or if it would be weird for them. I explained that it’s not that I think his friends are transphobes, but just that it’s something I need to think about (I don’t want to put myself in a potentially unsafe place if I can avoid it) and that I didn’t want to risk causing any awkwardness for him during _his_ birthday party.

I just got a response back that said he thinks the worst case scenario would be that a couple of them “might feel slighty uncomfortable,” but if they did it was “tough shit” because he “wants me there.”

It’s nice to have friends who not only support you and provide positivity in your life, but also have your back even when it could be against their other friends…with whom they’re actually better friends with.