Me 2.0 is live today! The lie is dead!

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First day outfit! Rocking the Oiselle!

First day outfit! Rocking the Oiselle!

Today’s the day! Me 2.0 is officially live!! I came in to work as Amelia for the first time ever and I’ll never living the lie again. From now on, I am one singular person with one identity.

I spent last night handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in guy mode after work which I thought was sort of fitting. What better way to spend my last day ever having to live as the lie than for it to be Halloween and me wearing the mask I’ve hidden behind for 30 years. Guy mode was my costume. Never again.

Anyway, since I’ve written something everyday this week, I’ll just keep this one short. I’ve got a few things planned to write for next week so I’ll see you then!