New Jersey Marathon training: week 4

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A brief break in the Winter From Hell meant SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT!

Well, I’m already a quarter of the way through training for the New Jersey Marathon! Four weeks down, twelve to go!

Last week was the first one so far that’s gone entirely according to plan without having to shift runs around. The weather early in the week was still pretty damn cold and everything got a fresh coat of another two inches of snow in the middle of the week, but things warmed up a bit for the weekend. By Sunday, I was able to do my 13-mile long run in shorts and a t-shirt! It was glorious! It’s bonkers that 45º practically felt like summer, but I was about ready to take a trip to the beach!

I rounded out the month with 153 miles, which is quite a bit more than I’ve ever done in January. Usually, January is a low-mileage month for me. I also wrapped on last week with 45 miles total, one more than planned. This week, the total mile count gets up to 48 and my long run will be bumped to 15 miles.

Chicken Tortilla Pie from Rosa Mexicano

Chicken Tortilla Pie from Rosa Mexicano

I’m excited to keep trucking through training, but I am a bit exhausted from trying to keep up with everything. Saturday, I met my friend Zoey in NYC for lunch and general awesomeness. Lunch at Rosa Mexicano was delicious and we had a great time wondering around the city! I got attacked by a senile old woman who body checked me surprisingly hard and screamed “I’m tired of your hair games!” at me. I have no idea what that means! This was quickly followed by Zoey being harassed by a man on the street who followed us for for half a block while constantly telling her how beautiful she is. This was definitely one of my more interesting trips into the city. Anyway, waking up early to get a quick run in before getting ready to go to the city and then being on my feet and walking miles and miles all around the city took it’s toll on me. I could feel the extra exhaustion on Sunday’s run.

How do you deal with balancing a heavy training schedule with regular life?

Times Square the day before the Super Bowl

Zoey and me hanging out in Times Square