Running recap: 7/28-8/3


I’m going to make this a short and quick post since there isn’t a ton to share and I’ve got another one coming this morning.

Last week was a good week of running. I stepped it back to just the fundamentals, a few short runs at an easy pace with no expectations. I knocked out four four-milers and a six-miler. It’s not a lot of miles, but every run was a complete success. This is exactly what I need right now and I’m counting this as a huge win.

I was feeling really down about things last Monday. I was depressed about a lot of things and feeling really defeated when it came to running. However, after a good week of running and some really amazing news that I’ll get to share really soon, I’m feeling great right now. It’s starting to feel like I’m getting a lot of things back on track and where I’ve been working for them to be. There’s still a lot of hard work to do with running, but I think I may finally be on the right path.

It’s amazing what a difference a week can make!