Running recap: 8/4-8/10

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She gets herself into the worst jams

She gets herself into the worst jams

Last week was a bit sparse on the running, unfortunately. Most of my week was spent driving back and forth to Jersey City to look at apartments. I just couldn’t squeeze running in as much as I would have liked.

I ended up with just three runs for 14.5 miles total. The eight-miler I wanted to do over the weekend got cut early because of time and just being exhausted from constantly running around. Oh well. Things needed to get done so I guess that’s what happens.

Right now, I’m pretty glad I don’t have the pressure of a looming marathon on me. The complete hecticness of the last few weeks would have been too much to deal with if I was also trying to run 50-60 miles. Or even 40 miles. That said, I do need to start bringing my mileage back up and thinking about Goofy in January.

This week is going to be another tough one. I agreed to take one last trip up to the mothership before I leave my current job. Our main office is in Chelmsford, MA which takes a bit over four hours of driving each way and I’ll be there for a couple days. I’m hoping to get 4-5 runs in this week still, but I’m going to have to play a lot of it by ear and see what happens.

Anyway, one of the highlights of my weekend was getting to play with this guy here. I don’t get to see him too often anymore, but when I do we make up for lost time!