Against Me! at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Against Me! played the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn more than a week ago now and I’m just getting around to this. I was on vacation and out of the country, okay? Okay. Anyway, by now I’ve already seen a dozen or so reviews of the show and I don’t think I can add much myself, so I’ll just keep this short. [Read More]

Against Me! at the Electric Factory

Having seen Against Me! something like a dozen times over the last ten years, I’ve grown accustomed to what to expect from their live shows. Little, if any, downtime between songs. Not a lot of talking. Impressive segues from one song into another. Energetic crowd. And a setlist that didn’t ignore the old stuff together, but focused on the newer songs. Last night, Against Me! brought all of that, but it wasn’t those things that made it a great show this time around. [Read More]