2019 Boston Marathon - 4:31:32

Where to even start with this one? There’s so much to say about Boston Marathon this year and only so many words I can reasonably ask y’all to read. Not that that’s ever stopped me before! Before the Boston Marathon last year, I had planned to be a one-and-done Boston runner. It’s such an amazing event and I don’t want to continuously take spot, preventing someone else from having the same experience. [Read More]

2018 Boston Marathon - 3:41:19

I don’t even know where to start here. Honestly, 🦄 Boston Marathon 🦄 is just unreal in every way. I’m not even going to try to keep this short. And considering that me trying to keep race recaps short usually means 3,000 words, you may want to grab a pot of coffee and bagged lunch. The lead up I won’t go into my training or the media stuff again since I already did, but this day was seven years in the making for me. [Read More]

Boston Marathon Training and Goals

Of course, I saved this until the last minute, but I was a little busy enjoying the hell out of Boston, okay? Anyway, let’s get to it, shall we? Training My training, as per the norm anymore, wasn’t great. It wasn’t the worst thing ever, for sure, but it wasn’t great. I had a really solid training plan in mind, but that went out the window when I started battling a case of runner’s knee. [Read More]

Pre-Boston Marathon Media Coverage

I’m sure you’ve all seen the barrage of news articles about transgender runners who will be running Boston Marathon this year. It’s been nothing less than a flood. And I hate it. Look, I’m obviously no stranger to media attention and I’m sort of used to this kind of thing. It happens every once in a while—not just with running, but I experienced it with the startup I confounded a few years ago as well. [Read More]

Cheering at the Boston Marathon

Even though I wasn’t running the Boston Marathon this year, I wanted to be up here for it. I wanted to be here and support my amazing community. Luckily, work decided to give me a reason to head up to our corporate office in Massachusetts this week and offered for me to come up early to watch the marathon. We got up here on Saturday and spent the weekend hanging out around the city and even took a trip to the expo. [Read More]

On my birthday and the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing

Today is my birthday. My 31st birthday, to be exact. Last week, I decided I wanted to write something about today. I wanted to write about the Boston Marathon bombing a year ago today, on the same day I turned 30. I had a whole post written out in my head and it was really good. Unfortunately, I didn’t write this post then, when I was thinking about it, and now I don’t remember any of it. [Read More]

My quick, still emotional, feelings on the Boston Marathon

I woke up this morning, on my thirtieth birthday, a milestone birthday, with a set plan for the day. Open my wife’s gifts, treat myself to a Starbucks vanilla latte on the way to work, blow off doing any work in the morning so I could closely watch online coverage of the Boston Marathon instead, get my obligatory birthday burrito for lunch, come home and go for my first run in seven weeks (injury, boo! [Read More]