Erie Marathon training: week 8

Last week, I wrote about how I needed to reevaluate my goals and plans in regards to Erie. I decided I’m likely going to shift my goal race back to Philly in November. In the meantime, I’m still planning on running Erie as a training run, but that could still change as the race gets closer. Making that decision was hard and means having to accept my biggest running goal for 2014 (a BQ for 2015) won’t happen. [Read More]

Erie Marathon training: week 7 - Time to be honest with myself

As far as I can remember, I've never had a Big Mac before, but somehow on Saturday night this happened. Last week was not a good week of training. In fact, it was crap. Total crap. The week was scheduled as a step-back week with 42 miles planned. Unfortunately, this was based on running six-days a week for the previous few weeks, which I haven’t done, so it was only one mile less than I ran the previous two weeks (which should have been 48 miles each, but were only 43). [Read More]

Erie Marathon training: week 6

Another week down! For the most part, week six was really a really solid week of training. I’m finally starting to feel like I’m making some progress. Tuesday’s seven miler included a “feels like” temperature of 98°. It was a hot and sweaty run, but my body seems to finally be adjusting to the summer weather because I kicked some serious butt. My paces are still a little slower than I need them to be, but with ten more weeks of training and things feeling like they’re coming together, I can be really happy about an 8:26 in that kind of heat! [Read More]

Erie Marathon training: week 5

I seriously really love this shirt! Last week was full of a bunch of ups and downs with running. I started off with a seven-miler that was the good kind of tough. You know, where it’s hard because you’re pushing yourself. Felt pretty proud of myself. Then Wednesday’s run was just completely awful. I had ten miles on the schedule, but by the time I had gotten home from work the humidity had climbed to close to 100% thanks to a mini thunderstorm. [Read More]

Erie Marathon training: week 4

Just a girl and the black & white love of her life! I had mentioned that last week was going to super busy and training was going to be difficult to get done, but it turned out that a lot of my plans for the week changed and getting in most of my runs wasn’t too hard. Tuesday morning, I got up early to beat the heat and knocked out a humid seven miles before heading into NYC to meet up with my friend and her wife who were visiting from Wisconsin. [Read More]

Erie Marathon training: week 3

My 8th pair of 1600s got the call last week! While last week is the first official week of training for Erie since I just got into the race last weekend, I’m calling it week three since I was already training and, working backwards from race day, I’m on week three of my training plan. Last week was actually a decent week of training. [Read More]

My next marathon will be...

The Erie Marathon on September 14th! I had mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was looking at this marathon and I just found out over the weekend that I got in via the wait list! I’m really pumped that I got into this race! It’s a lot closer than the other options I was looking at, it’s cheaper, and it gives me three extra weeks of training that Santa Rosa (my second choice) wasn’t going to give me. [Read More]