Apparently, I've been testosterone-free for two years

Here's the photo I shared yesterday for Transgender Day of Visibility. Look how damn trans I am! I'm just spewing it all over Tumblr HQ. Apparently, today is my two year HRTiversary (anniversary of the day I started hormone replacement therapy). Who knew? I mean, I guess I did in the back of my head, but I completely forgot about it. I only even thought about it today because of a friend who reminded me this morning by wishing me happy HRTiversary. [Read More]

The very dark side of messing with your body's hormones

Trigger warning for talking about suicide As you can tell by the trigger warning, this post will touch on suicide a bit. I’ve written about this a few times before, but, while I know it won’t be the last time I write about it by any means, I’m always a little hesitant to write about it again. It always seems to raise concern with at least a few people. But, as I have written about before, being able to write about these kinds of things has always been helpful to me. [Read More]

One year on HRT!

Today is my one year HRTiversary! I think it’s fitting that I started fixing this joke of a body on April Fool’s. When I look back over the past year, it’s almost hard to believe it’s been a year already, but so much has happened and changed that it really does feel like a lifetime. It also took me almost a year after accepting transition before I started hormones so, when it finally happened, it felt like a long time coming. [Read More]

How transitioning changed me as a runner and do I have an advantage as a transgender athlete?

I’ve written about a lot of this over the course of the last few months, but a few people have requested a post dedicated to how I’ve changed as a runner because of transition. Since I’ve read two articles about transgender athletes in the past few days, I figured it was finally time to write about it myself. While my experience has been in line with the experiences of other trans women I’ve spoken to regarding the topic, I do want it to be noted that this is very specifically about my experience and it may not be universal to all transgender (women) runners. [Read More]

Mid-October marathon training update

Now that the excitement seems to be over regarding the Todd Kincannon affair, I should probably write some sort of running related update here, shouldn’t I? There are just 29 days until the Richmond Marathon and I’m officially in that stage of training where I’m looking at the calendar, looking at my legs, and then looking back at the calendar again saying “there’s no way I’m going to be ready for this thing! [Read More]

Three months on HRT!

I almost didn’t even realize that today is exactly three months on hormones! Yay! I would have liked to write up a bit more than this for it, but I’m running out of time on the day. So instead, I’ll just share some of the changes I’ve already noticed: My chest hair grows back much slower and thinner. Two weeks ago I started to feel some tenderness under my nipples. [Read More]

Adding up transition costs

Transition isn’t cheap and when it comes to keeping track of how much I’m spending, I’ve been quite meticulous. I made the official decision to transition in May/June 2012, but I didn’t start HRT until three months ago. Below is a rough breakdown of what I’ve spent to date while living in New Jersey and having health insurance: $2287 - Therapy. Twenty sessions since last May. My therapist is out-of-network so I have to pay out of pocket, but she is very experienced with LGBT people, especially the T so I willingly pay to visit her rather than going to a covered therapist. [Read More]