New Jersey Marathon training: week 5

Yup, more snow! Another week down! That’s five of ‘em! This week brought more snow and crappy winter weather our way. What else is new, right? We started right off with around eight inches of fresh snow Monday morning, but luckily, I just had a five-miler to do. Tuesday night’s weather called for another 4-6” of snow with .25” of ice as well so I moved Wednesday’s ten miles up a day and did that run right after work right before the storm came. [Read More]

How not to be an ally. Or how Piers Morgan is an ass. Or, no, I never was was a man.

See the problem here? Last night, Piers Morgan invited transgender activist and all-around awesome person Janet Mock on his show for a segment to discuss her new book _Redefining Realness._ In promos for the segment and throughout the segment itself, Piers Morgan repeatedly sensationalized Janet’s story, referred to her as having previously been a man, and discussed her genitals. So much wrongness here. [Read More]