2016 Newport Liberty Half Marathon - 1:39:51

I haven’t raced a half marathon in a long time. Sure, I’ve run half marathons, but it’s been about four and a half years since I actually tried to run a fast half and cared about my time. That was about a month before I decided to transition. Granted, I also haven’t raced much in the way of any distance in the last two years, but it’s certainly been the longest for the half. [Read More]

Random apartment hunting thoughts

For the last week, since accepting my new job offer and deciding to move to Jersey City, my wife and I have been on a serious apartment hunt. We are leaving no stone unturned! We don’t have to find a place before I start and since our lease at our current place technically expired in October 2013 (I’m fairly certain our landlord thinks we re-signed for two years like the original lease, but it was just a one year renewal and there is no aut0-renew clause). [Read More]