A goodbye to my running shoe

One pair gets ushered out while a new one gets called up to action. Arguably, the most important possessions for any runner are her running shoes. Sure, we all have our favorite shorts, bras, tanks tops, gels, gloves, etc. But nothing is more important than those slabs of rubber we strap to our feet. They take the biggest brunt of the intensity of our sport. [Read More]

An open letter to New Balance

New Balance, we have to talk, okay? Over the last fifteen years, I’ve gladly given you a lot of money. I’ve owned somewhere around 50-60 pairs of your shoes. That sounds like a lot to me too, but fifteen years ago, I decided I didn’t want to buy other brands of sneakers anymore. You guys made your shoes in the US and denounced sweatshop labor. I was young and idealistic at the time so this was all it took to sell me. [Read More]