What I learned from running the worst race of my life

As if I haven’t spoken about this enough on Twitter and in my race recap, I had an awful marathon last Sunday. This was, by far, the worst race I’ve ever run. However, it’s in these moments of failure where we truly learn the most. There are probably thousands of clichés I could drop in here, but that doesn’t make this any less true of a statement. And here’s the thing, I walked away from this race even more in love with the marathon and running than ever before. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon - 3:48:25

Some races are great, some are just good, and some are bad. Then, there are the ones that are just straight up terrible, even comically bad. That was my day at the New Jersey Marathon yesterday. I’m not even going to beat around the bush here, this was the worst race I’ve ever run, performance wise. Some days are just off days and some races are just off races. It happens. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training recap and race goals!

Welp, my marathon is just about here! Even though I’ve been training literally the entire year for this race, it kind of feels like it snuck up right up on me, to be honest! Training recap Looking back at my training, I’d said it was solid overall. I ran a lot more miles than I ever have before. I broke my weekly and monthly training distance records with 60 and 213 miles, respectively, and I put myself on pace for a whole lot of miles in 2014. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training update: week 14

Taper is here! Taper is here! Wooo! Last week was a repeat of the previous week’s 60-mile schedule and it was no less grueling. My nine mile runs on Tuesday and Thursday were tough, but the paces were decent. Wednesday’s thirteen miles were a bit of a struggle, but I got them done. My legs are just so damn tired all the time now. The wife and I before our long run on the towpath [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training update: week 13

Sixty. That’s how many miles I ran last week! Whhaaaa?!?! I’ve never run that many miles in a week before and I’m actually slightly shocked I pulled it off. Tuesday’s nine miles were extremely solid. I wasn’t expecting that. My legs were still exhausted from the week before’s training, but somehow this run really came together nicely for a sub-goal-marathon pace run. Wednesday was a huge struggle though. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training update: week 12

Look how excited Leela is to take a photo with me to show off my new Oiselle lux side zip! Really? Twelve weeks down already? DAMN! training is flying by! Last week was a small step-back week with 48 miles—following an intense 57 the week before—and I was glad to have it. My legs were pretty tired through most of my mid-week runs, but they held up reasonably well, I guess. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training update: week 11

Oh, you know, just jumping around a bit before my run! All I have to say about last week’s training is that it was EPIC! Literally my best week of training ever! EVER! I broke my weekly distance record by four miles with 57 on the week! And I nailed my first 20-miler this cycle. I started off the week with an easy five-mile recovery run, but by Tuesday, I was ready to put in the work and push myself. [Read More]