New Jersey Marathon training update: Week 3

This is a big hunk of frozen sweat stuck to the back of my neck It’s just week three of training for the New Jersey Marathon and I’m already over it. As much as I actually enjoy the cold and winter, I’ve had enough. Subzero temperatures with heavy winds, snowstorm after snowstorm, freezing rain, ice. I’ve run through it all. In fact, I can’t remember the last run that didn’t feature one of these. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training starts today!

In sixteen weeks (from yesterday), I’ll be running my sixth marathon! I’m pretty excited about it, I’ll be running the New Jersey Marathon so I’ll be right at home! Training starts today! My plan for the NJ Marathon is a very serious Boston qualifying attempt. My required BQ time is 3:35, but I’m going to shoot for 3:30 to give myself a little breathing room. That comes out to an 8:01 min/mile pace which is 34 seconds/mile faster than I ran in Richmond. [Read More]