I will run my spring marathon to raise money in support of defending California's School Success and Opportunity Act

And again, I’m blogging on a day I planned to take off… The Richmond Marathon is still a few days away and there’s a _small_ chance I’m also going to run the Rehoboth Beach Marathon in three weeks as well, but I’m already thinking about my spring marathon. I don’t know yet what the race will be, but I’m hoping to qualify for Boston there. Maybe I’ll keep it at home and run the New Jersey Marathon? [Read More]

In regards to PJI's transphobic video attacking a minor

Does anyone know who I need to credit for this? I've seen it around the internet a lot, but I can't find the creator. Today was supposed to be a day off from blogging, but I’m kind of steaming over here about this and there’s just too much for a Twitter rant. I’m going to avoid going into detail about the background to this story, but if you want to read up on it, you can check here or head over to Transadvocate and read the amazing work Cristan Williams is doing on this (she’s just been…wow). [Read More]