Scavenger hunt results

I had the day off from work last Friday without much to do, so rather than sitting around and doing nothing, I decided I’d put together a fun little adventure for myself. I created my own scavenger hunt to do! But this was unlike most scavenger hunts, instead of having a pre-made list, I took submissions via Twitter/Facebook/comments on this blog while I was actually out doing the scavenger hunt. Since the main goal of this was the spend the day with my camera taking photos, everything submitted had to be something that could be photographed. [Read More]

Tomorrow, I am doing a live, user-generated photo scavenger hunt! You can take part!

Thanks to having some extra use-it-or-lose-it vacation time left at work, I ended up having tomorrow (Friday 12 / 3) off with nothing really planned. Since I’m incapable of doing nothing and just relaxing for an entire day, I wanted to come up with something fun, but relatively cheap to do. I also wanted to take some photos, so I came up with the idea to participate in my own live user-generated photo scavenger hunt in NYC. [Read More]