New York City Marathon photos

Instead of doing a running recap for last week, I’m posting some photos from the New York City Marathon yesterday. We battled the wind on 1st Ave and spent hours cheering. Great times! Desi Linden The lead pack at mile 18 Desi Linden again Kara Goucher [Read More]

Our family has grown, welcome Hattie!

Over the weekend, our little family grew by one. On Friday night, I took home a 5-6 week old kitten that was in need of a home. This makes the current count three cats which puts us inarguably into cat lady territory. Not that we weren’t already proud cat ladies, but now we can’t even deny it if we wanted. While we considered running names like Fartlek (though, “fart-lick”) and Tempo, we ended up sticking with our Futurama naming scheme (flesh-based characters for pets and robots for computers/phones/tablets). [Read More]

Against Me! at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Against Me! played the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn more than a week ago now and I’m just getting around to this. I was on vacation and out of the country, okay? Okay. Anyway, by now I’ve already seen a dozen or so reviews of the show and I don’t think I can add much myself, so I’ll just keep this short. [Read More]

Scavenger hunt results

I had the day off from work last Friday without much to do, so rather than sitting around and doing nothing, I decided I’d put together a fun little adventure for myself. I created my own scavenger hunt to do! But this was unlike most scavenger hunts, instead of having a pre-made list, I took submissions via Twitter/Facebook/comments on this blog while I was actually out doing the scavenger hunt. Since the main goal of this was the spend the day with my camera taking photos, everything submitted had to be something that could be photographed. [Read More]