Richmond Marathon - 3:44:55

Marathon number five, the Richmond Marathon is complete! I feel like I always say this after races, but I really, really liked this race! Pre-race stuff Flat Amy is ready to go! We made the drive down to Richmond on Friday morning in just a hair under five hours so we made pretty good time! We went straight to the race expo and, in a pretty ridiculous coincidence, Dori, who had left just a little before us but had a further drive than us, got there at the same time we did! [Read More]

Richmond Marathon training wrap-up and race goals

With just three days to go until the 2013 Richmond Marathon, there’s not much left to do to prepare for race day. Training has been done for a week and a half, carbo-loading starts today, my bags are packed, and I’m mentally and physically ready for this thing! Training wrap-up Injecting myself with the hormone goodness While I stuck with the same 16-week training plan I did for the 2012 Chicago Marathon, things were a lot different this time. [Read More]