I run because...

I had a feministy, trans-positive post about selfies planned for today, but, seeing as how it’s NATIONAL RUNNING DAY, I’m going to postpone that until tomorrow. Instead, let’s talk about why I run and what I love about running, shall we? Just a quick list… The community is amazing. This is going to get an entire post soon, but the running community is simply the best and it’s provided me with some pretty awesome new friends. [Read More]

Why I love the marathon

image from http://baysixusa.com/ For almost three years now, when asked what my favorite distance to race is, my answer has been the marathon. I don’t even have to think about it. I love this distance. I love it because it’s hard. I love it because it not only demands your respect, but it requires your respect. The marathon can and will kick your ass. [Read More]