Sean Hanna Foundation 6th Annual 5k - 22:51

3rd place in my age group! This is one of my favorite races. It doesn’t seem like anything special, just another small community 5k, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s for a great cause. The Sean Hanna Foundation was created by the family of a friend of mine who passed away from cancer in 2007. Sean was one of the best people I know, always giving, caring about others, and making people smile. [Read More]

3rd Annual Sean Hanna Foundation 5k – 20:41 (pre-HRT)

Last year, the Sean Hanna Foundation 5k was where I set what was my personal best 5k time which took until last Saturday’s race at Rutgers for me to beat. This year, I didn’t set out to PR again. I mean, it would have been awesome, but after last Saturday’s race, I was still so happy that I wasn’t about to hurt myself pushing harder. I love this race for a few reasons. [Read More]