I found a job and now summer vacation is ending

After nearly three months since being laid off from Tumblr, I’ll be starting my new job this week. I’m pretty excited about it, but before I go into that, I thought I’d write a bit about what my time off and job hunt have been like. I’ve been pretty quiet about this whole thing on social media compared to the way I am about most things, so there’s a bit to catch up on here. [Read More]

I went bathing suit shopping

Transition has made me have to face a lot of things I used to be able to take for granted. A bathing suit used to be as simple as a pair of shorts with some netting inside. Like the pattern? Cool. Done. And it didn’t really matter how I looked. No one really cares what a guy looks like in a bathing suit unless you hit either one of the extremes (super ripped and jacked or morbidly obese). [Read More]

Go away summer, we're not friends

I’ve never really been a big fan of summer. I like a lot of the things that happen in summer, but I don’t handle the heat and humidity well. Never have, probably never will. I sweat a lot and I sweat easily. I get gross on the fast. A perfect warm weather day for me is something like 70° and like 20% humidity, anything more than that I’m rather miserable to be around. [Read More]