Amelia teaches Trans 101: How to refer to a trans person's past

image source: wikiHow This is something that seems to come up from time to time so I think it’s an important thing to talk about. What’s the best way to talk about a trans person’s past? For example, if you’re telling a story about someone, how should your refer to them? Should you use their chosen name and the pronouns they’ve asked you to use or should you stick with what they went by at the time? [Read More]

Amelia teaches Trans 101: "In reality you have a penis"

Yesterday, I received the above messages on Facebook and I thought it would make for a great second lesson in the Trans 101 series of posts here. Typically, questions/messages/comments like this tend to go a certain way. When you’re used to having your identity and humanity questioned and your answers to those questions dismissed, it’s hard to not get defensive when something looks like it’s going in that direction. [Read More]

Amelia teaches Trans 101: "sex change," "pre-op," and is being transgender only a temporary status?

Welcome to Amelia’s Trans 101 class! Here, I will be going over some simple transgender related items to help teach a basic understanding of what being transgender really means. This is a free class and it is open to all! Grades will be a simple pass/fail! For this week’s lesson, I would like to address a question a friend of mine asked me the other day. I think this question and its wording really opens up to a lot of misconceptions and outdated information and views. [Read More]