I am a transgender woman with mental illness and I am a finalist to be on the cover of Women's Running

I'm a finalist! Because my life is totally weird, I’m currently a finalist in the Women’s Running Cover Runner Contest. The eight finalists were chosen from over 3,000 applicants and the winner will find herself on the cover of Women’s Running magazine. To be perfectly honest, this is a super surreal thing to me. When I entered, I didn’t think there was any chance I’d be chosen as a finalist. [Read More]

How transitioning changed me as a runner and do I have an advantage as a transgender athlete?

I’ve written about a lot of this over the course of the last few months, but a few people have requested a post dedicated to how I’ve changed as a runner because of transition. Since I’ve read two articles about transgender athletes in the past few days, I figured it was finally time to write about it myself. While my experience has been in line with the experiences of other trans women I’ve spoken to regarding the topic, I do want it to be noted that this is very specifically about my experience and it may not be universal to all transgender (women) runners. [Read More]

How I prepare for race day in the weeks leading up to a marathon

Marathon training might as well be a full time job. It takes over your whole life and sucks all your time. Even when you’re not running, it can dictate so many other things in your life: what you eat, how many hours your sleep, how much you drink, etc. Most marathon training plans are somewhere 16-18 weeks, but we all know it’s really much longer than that, you don’t start from nothing. [Read More]

Using the gym while trans

A story broke yesterday of a transgender woman being banned from using the women’s locker room at an LA Fitness in California after the gym learned she was transgender. While this is clear discrimination, it’s unfortunately not at all surprising to me. I’m sure the gym has absolutely no issue with treating trans women exactly the same as all their other clients when it comes to monthly fees, but when it comes to actually providing the same services and facilities, they just can’t seem to see us the same way. [Read More]

Mid-October marathon training update

Now that the excitement seems to be over regarding the Todd Kincannon affair, I should probably write some sort of running related update here, shouldn’t I? There are just 29 days until the Richmond Marathon and I’m officially in that stage of training where I’m looking at the calendar, looking at my legs, and then looking back at the calendar again saying “there’s no way I’m going to be ready for this thing! [Read More]

Running six days in a row

Tonight’s four mile run will mark the sixth straight day I’ve run. This will be a first for me! Actually, as far as I can think, last night’s run was the first time I’ve ever even run five days in a row. Generally, I keep to running five days a week and usually not more than three in a row. Sometimes, my schedule will force me to run four days in a row, but I try to minimize that. [Read More]

2013 runDisney Dumbo Double Dare

I’m kind of sucker for runDisney races. Some people don’t get the love-affair and simply see the Disney races as expensive, crowded, and gimmicky. I’ll concede that they’re not cheap, but I’m a kid at heart and I love Disney—since we started dating, my wife and I have taken at least one trip to Disney each year. Being able to combine Disney with running is exciting to me, they’re two of my favorite things. [Read More]