About this Bruce Jenner interview

Update: I’ve written a followup here and turned off the comments on this post after an inbox full of attacks. If you still wish to comment, feel free to do so on the followup post. Tonight, it’s expected that Bruce Jenner will reveal they’re transgender in a two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer. For most of us trans folk, especially the ladies, this is something we’ve been dreading for quite some time. [Read More]

Why Transparent creator Jill Soloway's Facebook post hurts so much

Before I even get started here, let me just quickly point out the fact that, as of writing this, Bruce Jenner has not, in any way, said he was transgender or that he was transitioning or anything. No amount of media speculation, obsession, or bullying can decide who Bruce Jenner is. Maybe he is trans. Maybe he’ll ask us to use female pronouns and we will welcome him to our community. [Read More]

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s a day every year where we remember the names of those who were murdered simply for being transgender. The vast majority of these people are always trans women. More specifically, trans women of color. This year, the list is 226 names long. That may not seem like a lot considering there are seven billion people on this planet, until you start doing the math. [Read More]

The Power of Pronouns

On Tuesday, I wrote about feeling great and being very happy with where I am with transition related stuff. It was just one of those days where I felt awesome and beautiful. Every time I looked in the mirror, I loved what I saw so much. My confidence was through the roof. Unfortunately, like pretty much everyone else, we have ups and downs with our self-confidence and sometimes things happen that can shake that confidence. [Read More]

How not to be an ally. Or how Piers Morgan is an ass. Or, no, I never was was a man.

See the problem here? Last night, Piers Morgan invited transgender activist and all-around awesome person Janet Mock on his show for a segment to discuss her new book _Redefining Realness._ In promos for the segment and throughout the segment itself, Piers Morgan repeatedly sensationalized Janet’s story, referred to her as having previously been a man, and discussed her genitals. So much wrongness here. [Read More]

No, misgendering me is not okay or justifiable. Yes, this is a big deal.

Hello Pronouns Stickers from www.storeenvy.com I’m not going to sugarcoat this one, okay? Are you ready? It is never okay to misgender me. It is not okay to call me by my birth name. It is not okay to refer to me using masculine pronouns. It is not okay to describe me as being anyone’s son, brother, or husband. It not okay to call me “man,” “dude,” “guy,” “bro,” or anything else of the sort. [Read More]

I will run my spring marathon to raise money in support of defending California's School Success and Opportunity Act

And again, I’m blogging on a day I planned to take off… The Richmond Marathon is still a few days away and there’s a _small_ chance I’m also going to run the Rehoboth Beach Marathon in three weeks as well, but I’m already thinking about my spring marathon. I don’t know yet what the race will be, but I’m hoping to qualify for Boston there. Maybe I’ll keep it at home and run the New Jersey Marathon? [Read More]