Amelia or Amy, but preferably Amelia

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Hello My Name Is Amelia

One of the things I liked was I could go by Amy for short, if I wanted. When I came out to people I’d always say “Amelia, or Amy for short.” Some people would ask me if I preferred one or the other—actually, most of my coworkers asked me this. I appreciated it because it seemed like they cared about me enough to make sure they called me what I wanted. I always told people I had no preference. It was true at the time, I didn’t. Though, I have always introduced myself as Amelia.

Now that I’ve actually had some time with it, it turns out I do have a preference. I would prefer for just about everyone to call me Amelia and not Amy. My family and some close friends are notable exceptions, but mostly, I want to be Amelia.

It feels weird being an almost-31-year-old adult and still figuring out what I want people to call me, but most people have had their whole lives to figure this out. Usually somewhere in childhood or during their teenage years is when people sort of settle on what they want and what matches their identity. I’ve only had a few months of people actually calling me Amelia/Amy. I needed some time to try it on and see what fits. It turns out, I’m an Amelia.

One oddity, though, is when I refer to myself in the third person. Yeah, I know…why would I refer to myself in the third person? I have this kind of thing I do where I refer to myself with things like Drunk Amy, Future Amy, Fat Amy, or whatever fits the situation. I don’t know, it’s just a thing I do. And in these situations, I almost always prefer to say Amy instead of Amelia. These are just little parts of me, I guess, whereas Amelia feels like all of me.

So…yeah…if you wouldn’t mind, please stick with Amelia and not so much the Amy. I’m weird. Sorry.

I mean, I don’t know, Amy is okay sometimes, but like 90% of the time, it’s not what I prefer.


PS: This post is a mess. I’m a mess. Whatevs.