Amelia or Amy, but preferably Amelia

. One of the things I liked was I could go by Amy for short, if I wanted. When I came out to people I’d always say “Amelia, or Amy for short.” Some people would ask me if I preferred one or the other—actually, most of my coworkers asked me this. I appreciated it because it seemed like they cared about me enough to make sure they called me what I wanted. [Read More]

How I chose the name Amelia

This post is by request, but it’s a question I’ve answered a lot and also something I often find myself sharing with trans women who are still searching for their name. And since at some point today, I will _legally_ become Amelia June, I thought today would be the perfect day for it! Most people are given a name at birth and that’s kind of the end of that story. [Read More]

Almost legally Amelia

See that photo below? That’s the newspaper announcement that’s required to change your name in New Jersey. It’s being published tomorrow (October 16, 2013)! My court date is on November 8th and then that’ll be it, I’ll legally be Amelia June! So excited to finally leave my birth name behind!