Being transgender and transitioning doesn't make me brave or courageous

I hate to break it to you, but I’m not brave or courageous or any other similar such thing. I know, it certainly looks that way, what with the transitioning and deciding to live my life authentically and all that, but I’m not. This is the most consistent response I’ve received over the last year and a half when telling people about my transition.┬áDon’t get me wrong, I truly do appreciate the sentiment and, even more than that, I appreciate the support it typically comes along with. [Read More]

For a year and a half, I've essentially been a superhero with a secret identity

I made my decision to transition a year and a half ago and I can say without any hesitation that it’s been the second best experience of my life, with only marrying my wife ahead of it. Transition has changed my life and how I feel about myself in ways I don’t have words to describe. However, that doesn’t change the fact that transition can be complicated and challenging and sometimes you’d give anything for it to just be over. [Read More]

Today I come out at as trans at work

After 30 years on this planet, a year and a half of transition, seven months of hormones, and four months of working with HR, I can’t believe the day is here, but it’s finally time to come out at work. In just fifteen minutes, I’ll be heading into a meeting with my manager to tell him I’m trans and I am transitioning. As soon as I walk out of this meeting, I will be sending an email to my entire company telling them the same. [Read More]

How I came out to my wife's friends

Tomorrow, I will be coming out as transgender at work and I will be posting the letter I’m sending to my coworkers here, but a few days ago, my wife and I finally told the remainder of her friends about my transition. Unlike my friends, we’d been keeping it a secret from her friends. Anyway, I wanted to share the letter I sent to them. Hi everyone, there is something I am really excited about and wanted to share with you. [Read More]