New Jersey Marathon training update: week 10 and Shamrock Marathon weekend

Last week was supposed to be the week I got back to running six days a week and got myself fully on schedule again after my knee issues. Unfortunately, my knee still didn’t feel up to it on Monday so I ended up with just five days of running instead. On Tuesday, I threw 5x1’ fartleks into my eight mile run for my first bit of speed work in a while. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training update: week 9 (and other things)

WHAT A WEEK! Holy crap, last week was busy as hell! Monday I started off with a rest day on Monday. I had five miles on the schedule, but I wanted to give my knee an extra rest day after 29 miles across the previous three days. The plan was to get back to my training plan on Tuesday, but without the speed work, which I would start back up with again this week. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training update: Week 8

I took my seventh pair of New Balance 1600s out for their first run this week. Can you tell I like these shoes? I think I might be turning this thing around! I started the week off really down about training. I was still in pain and close to writing it all off and changing my plans. Still, I kept with what I had been doing to recover and brought my mileage up a little while still staying under what was scheduled. [Read More]

New Jersey Marthon training update: week 7

Tank top and shorts! Also, lots of crap on my knees. Week seven of training was a complete wash. It was planned to be a step-back week to 42 miles, but I stepped it all the way down to just 23 miles. My knee is still a mess and three straight rest days to start the week didn’t seem to make a difference. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training: week 6

Week six of training was kind of a disappointment. I started off the week with an unplanned rest day on Monday. I had five miles planned, but I felt like it was better to give my knee the day off. For the middle of the week I stuck to my schedule, even though there was yet more snow. We got another foot or so of the white stuff going into Thursday morning so my run was a bit of a mess. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training: week 5

Yup, more snow! Another week down! That’s five of ‘em! This week brought more snow and crappy winter weather our way. What else is new, right? We started right off with around eight inches of fresh snow Monday morning, but luckily, I just had a five-miler to do. Tuesday night’s weather called for another 4-6” of snow with .25” of ice as well so I moved Wednesday’s ten miles up a day and did that run right after work right before the storm came. [Read More]

New Jersey Marathon training: week 4

A brief break in the Winter From Hell meant SHORTS AND A T-SHIRT! Well, I’m already a quarter of the way through training for the New Jersey Marathon! Four weeks down, twelve to go! Last week was the first one so far that’s gone entirely according to plan without having to shift runs around. The weather early in the week was still pretty damn cold and everything got a fresh coat of another two inches of snow in the middle of the week, but things warmed up a bit for the weekend. [Read More]