Picking out my next marathon

It’s been just over three weeks from my race and I’m definitely in a running rut now. Recovery has not been what I was hoping it would be. I took the week after the race completely off to allow my body some time to recover, but it feels like I lost all my fitness during that week. The last two weeks have been really difficult, my running feels very off. [Read More]

Planning out my 2014 race calendar

Ever since I ran the Richmond Marathon two and a half weeks ago, I can’t stop thinking about marathons six, seven, and beyond. I had a glimmer of hope I could run the Rehoboth Beach Marathon this weekend (just for fun!), but my recovery from Richmond wasn’t quite as speedy as I had hoped. I could do it, but I don’t think it’s a smart idea.┬áSo now, I’m looking onward to 2014 and starting to put together my race plans. [Read More]