Me 2.0 is live today! The lie is dead!

First day outfit! Rocking the Oiselle! Today’s the day! Me 2.0 is officially live!! I came in to work as Amelia for the first time ever and I’ll never living the lie again. From now on, I am one singular person with one identity. I spent last night handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in guy mode after work which I thought was sort of fitting. [Read More]

For a year and a half, I've essentially been a superhero with a secret identity

I made my decision to transition a year and a half ago and I can say without any hesitation that it’s been the second best experience of my life, with only marrying my wife ahead of it. Transition has changed my life and how I feel about myself in ways I don’t have words to describe. However, that doesn’t change the fact that transition can be complicated and challenging and sometimes you’d give anything for it to just be over. [Read More]

Today I come out at as trans at work

After 30 years on this planet, a year and a half of transition, seven months of hormones, and four months of working with HR, I can’t believe the day is here, but it’s finally time to come out at work. In just fifteen minutes, I’ll be heading into a meeting with my manager to tell him I’m trans and I am transitioning. As soon as I walk out of this meeting, I will be sending an email to my entire company telling them the same. [Read More]

T-minus 31 days until Me 2.0 goes live!

Today is October 1 which means the beta period is almost over and I am exactly one month away from going live with Me 2.0! Yes, I’m calling it “going live” instead of “full time.” It’s more fun this way and “full time” makes it sound like it’s a job. And while I’m on the topic my own personal nomenclature I use for transition, I often like to say things like “regeneration” (yes, like The Doctor) instead of “transition” and “running estrogen on unlicensed hardware. [Read More]

Making a new ally at work

Today, I went into the office with my nails still painted from the weekend. I probably should have made sure to not forget to take it off since I’m only out to a handful of people at work right now, but I didn’t. I wasn’t quite sure how things were going to go down, so I had a lot of responses prepared for anything anyone could have said. At one point in the morning, one coworker came by my desk, saw my nails, and made a comment about it which caused another coworker who sits across from me to turn around for my response. [Read More]